Dealing with Yourself

As we grow up, we’ll realize there were many problems in ourselves. We should find a way to resolve it. We have a responsibility to do it. No one else will do it. But, how can we do it?

Sometimes, we don’t really remember what actually happens in childhood? or is it happen when I’m still in mommy’s tummy? What will trigger me in the long run? What’s the most effective strategy to deal with ‘myself’?Why do I tend to do this maladaptive behaviour instead of doing the adaptive one?

Okay, okay. I understand that many questions are popping out of your head now. Unfortunately, I can’t give you the answer. I just want to let you know that you’re not the one who is confused with this life.

We grow up as an adult, but we still bring a lot of issues from the beginning of our life. Wow!

I hope that you’re okay with it. You still want to learn about yourself. Never give up!



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