Do Pilates, It Works

Agni Aflikhiya
2 min readDec 18, 2021

It’s really hard to think what’s the title of this article. I won’t tell you that you should try to do pilates. What I really want to share in this article is about finding your favourite exercise. It won’t hurt you, but your body needs it (even it’s the hardest thing to do).

At the beginning of 2021, I have a strong commitment to myself. I should do exercise routinely. I’ve never imagined before that I will choose pilates as my favourite one. I only have limited information about Pilates. Pilates is good to shape your body posture. That’s it. It’s really intriguing to me. But, I’m still a student who really concerned about the fee.

Finally, I found the code pilates a few months ago. The online pilates studio was created by Clara Alverina (Certified Pilates Instructor). I was really curious to try it once in a life. I try in August 2021 and never stop doing this exercise until now. I felt many differences come into my health condition. Before I follow the Pilates session routinely. I felt lazy, headache, exhausted, and lack of energy to do a lot of tasks.

But, now I could say that I’m getting healthier! Even though I should do a lot of tasks. I’m happy and enjoy. Now, I rarely get sick (you know that in the period of doing my thesis, I’m prone to headaches or any kind of sick). It really makes me sad because I felt weak and not productive like everyone in their 20's.

Thank you Allah SWT for the opportunity to join pilates regularly. It’s not only exercises that will help shape our body posture. It will help you to reduce back pain!!! because the exercise will gain your flexibility and mobility. It’s really boosted my confidence that I’m strong enough to do the difficult posture, so even the hardest obstacle happen in my life. I could handle it! I can say that even though it looks simple, but you should do it correctly. It’s very challenging!

..and later I realized that exercise doesn’t only give benefit for physical health, but for mental health too. The raise of endorphins after doing the exercises is real! Your life getting happier than before! Thank you myself for the hard work and consistency in this learning process! I love you so much!