Family Trip

Agni Aflikhiya
1 min readJul 14, 2023

I’m so grateful for this family trip because I’ve been waiting for three years. Our last trip had taken in 2018 when we had gone to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Why it’s special to me? because recently I must accept the big change in my current life. I recently received a diagnose from my doctor.

I know that it’s not a final yet. I’m still doing many physical test to know more about my disease. But, it means I should live with this ‘invisible disability’.

But, my family is really supportive. I’ve never imagined that my family can turn to be like this. Caring, empathic, generous, etc. It feels like a dream to wake up in the morning and see your family change in a better version.

I love my family so much. I really appreciate every little act of kindness from them. I don’t want to complain anymore. Ayah, you’re my best dad ever. Ibu, you’re my best dad ever. Adek, you’re my best little brother.

“Teman datang dan pergi, tapi keluarga selalu mendampingi” — Ibu

Lombok, 15 Juli 2023