Life After Graduation

Agni Aflikhiya
3 min readNov 1, 2021

In the pandemic situation, i think we should accept that job-seeking seems harder than before. It because our competitor isn’t come from our age, but those people who get lay-off or the seniors who had graduated for a long time ago and still can’t get a job. I always see that getting a job is not a single factor of the job-seeker. But, there were a lot of things that can intervene our process to get the right one (pandemic, unmatch work environment, unfit with work culture, competitors, parent’s permission, or simply you can’t left your hometown, etc).

You can’t see that your worth is define by your job title. You are worth with/without the job title. It’s really absurd for me to see someone from their job. The job won’t go forever. Your career will go with you forever. Don’t pursue a job. You must be focus to build your own career path (personal goals, value, passion, strengthness, etc.) Don’t compare with others. It’s totally okay to take your time and find the right one. Instead of you randomly pick any kind of job but it’s make you undervalue yourself. Please, you should know your strength, compentencies, personal goals, values, and self-worth. I know it’s really hard to accept that you have been graduated from reputable university and still can’t get any single respond or interview!

But, we only give our best effort, but the result is out of our control…let God’s do the rest. Yeah, i try to write down in here to make a reminder for myself too. Self-reflection and try improve ourself (soft skill and hard skill) everyday. Accept and move forward.

Luckily, i got an offer from my office after i spend two month as a part-time (it happens after i followed “sidang” yeah it looks very quick because in the waiting phase to “sidang” i already start to apply as many as i coul find).

My office isn’t an industrial company, but my office is a Non-Goverment Organization. Then, i will say that i’ve never imagine i will work in the Non-Goverment Organization (NGO). Honestly, i accepted this offer because simply the offer is the first offer. There weren’t another respond from many applicants :”) Before i got work in almost three month ago. What i’ve thinking about work as a fresh graduate means you have no more choices. You must work for any kind of industrial company (but i can’t compromise to cigarettes, banking, and alcohol). It means you must spend approx. 8 hour for work. Routinely. Monday-friday. But, i should work for apply those knowledge & skill and earn the money.

Now i start to reflect and reimagine what’s actually the work environtment will fit with me. I think there is no ‘perfect and ideal’ job. In this world, every profession has their own consequences. It’s totally okay to take time and reflect about what we’re doing. What’s the best choice that we could accept…and i recently realized that work in NGO has their own struggle and maybe it’s different with those friends who work for company. In the beginning, it’s really nice to know that you can manage your own time, you can work together with passionate people, you can feel that your work-mate have same values with you, you don’t need to go to the office, you can save a lot of money, energy, and time cause you don’t neet to trap in a traffic jam for hours, and a lot of good things that i’ve got. But, it means you must always ready for 24/7. There is no specific time-boundaries between office hour and weekend. Yeah, i think it’s my own struggle but i’m not complaining :P I think what we see in the beginning or “apperance” it’s always look appealing but you must see deeper to know what’s the best and fit with yourself. This basic concept seems look like find a partner too HAHA.

So, i know there are lot of my friend who still struggle to find a job and maybe some of them isn’t fit with their current workplace or have many workloads or whatever it is called your struggle. You’re not alone. Please, enjoy your process even it’s not easy at all. I hope that those hardship will teach us important lesson that we need in this life. The process of seeking a job is never easy, right? …but, that’s life.

*Those idea that i write isn’t original from my head. I try to reflect what I got from some books I’ve read and my personal opinion.