Agni Aflikhiya
2 min readOct 23, 2022

I recently realized that I had a lot of privileges for the 22 years of my life! but BOOM! Everything changed during my first time moving away from ‘home’.

I think that moving away could be a chance to start over. Furthermore, it can also be one of the most stressful times in your life depending on where you are moving to, who you are moving with and why you are moving in the first place. Also, it can also be one of the loneliest phases of your life!

And I should give more details about my story. I’m the one who decides to move away from home. I’m pursuing my master's degree in this city. I know that I’m lucky enough to make a decision in my early career. I got financial support from my parents, living in my grandparent’s house, and got a chance to continue my master’s degree at a top university!

It was my biggest DREAM for my entire life! Like, maybe some of you think that going to study abroad is your DREAM! and for me, I was really passionate to take a master's here.

But, I can say that the process is really tough! I’m so grateful for the many lessons that I could get!

The most important thing is:

I learn to appreciate those BIG things in my current life. Sitting in a car, sleeping in your comfortable room, never paying your own bill, spending your money careless, meeting your close friends, seeing your parents, and many more. Back then, I remember that I always complained about the things that I don’t have until I forget to appreciate those BIG things that I’d missed here :’)

Thank god for making me learn it in a VERY hard way. I always believe that I could pass it. I will :)