I always thought that I wouldn’t make it so far. I always want to go home earlier. But, here we go. I stayed in Jogja for three months (and it still going on) and I think that I won’t have much time to go back in the middle of the first term. So, I will wait for longer.

Yes, my parents still visit me occasionally. But, it’s not for a long period. It’s really a quick visit that makes me feel blue after seeing them moving back home. I will say, ‘yeah back to reality, I will live alone in here.’

Anyway, I think that I had accepted a lot of new things. Including, enjoying my own time. Being alone but not lonely (or maybe I felt lonely too but it won’t last forever).

I learn to love myself first.

I learn to ride a motorcycle on my own.

I learn to accept that as a human, we always make a lot of human errors.

I learn to accept that I should start building a social network from ‘0’.

I learn to manage my own money.


Last but not least, thank you Afli for surviving so far!



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