What I Learned from Online Peer-Counselling

Agni Aflikhiya
2 min readMar 6, 2022

I really want to talk with many new people, but it seems quite difficult during pandemic situations. Furthermore, I work as an employee remotely. It shows that there is little chance for me to go out and meet with new people. So, I’m wondering how about making an online peer counselling. It will be beneficial for others and I could gain many experiences and lessons during the sessions.

Without any specific target and detailed plans. I’m starting my peer counselling in the middle of February 2022. I just try to promote the google form link in my IG’s story so anyone who’s interested in it. They could try to register at the link.

Fast forward, I can gain many new insights. If someone said, “If you’re helping someone, it means you’re helping yourself too”. I can fully agree with that. In the beginning, I already provided some non-clinical topics for us (re: young adulthood). For example, romantic relationships, family, job & career planning, self-esteem, etc.

…and I’m guessing that some of my friends will choose romantic relationships, family, or another topic. I just let everyone who’s interested in the peer-counselling can choose one topic. Surprisingly, I got many friends who chose about career and job. Honestly, it’s the hardest topic that I’ve should handle:’) cause I’m still confused too. But, in the end, I still can manage it very well too.

Yes, I should be helping others to find their wants&needs, life purpose, and anything in between. I should listen and understand what they’re feeling. It’s not an easy job at all. But, I’m very thankful because they can trust me and communicate openly with me. It means a lot to me. It could help me to realize that I’m having good potential. I should improve my interpersonal skill set too. But, I was really really amazed by that much positive feedback that I’d get from others.

I couldn’t say anything, regardless thank you for my new friend(s). You’re really brave to open up with me and let me learn a lot of things from your story. Keep spirit guys! Enjoy guys for the learning process!