Why we should be aware that maybe we are ‘the source of problems’ itself?

A few days ago, I read a tweet about Taylor Swift. The tweet said that Taylor should be aware that maybe her ‘toxic trait’ would make her attract the wrong guys. The source of the problems isn’t ALWAYS come from their exes. But, maybe Taylor Swift can look deeper into herself, ”Why does she always choose the wrong guys?”

It makes me think a while and connects with the pattern of romantic relationships that I’ve had. I have been in a position where I can’t think that myself was contributed to the failure of my relationships in the past. Before I got into the realization, I always thought that my exes are the source of the problems. Now, I realize that every relationship needs two people who really want to work for the relationship…and here’s the list of the lesson learned that I’ve gained for my 22 years:

  1. Your love is real. It’s totally okay to have a special feeling toward others. It will show that you really care and love others. It’s a blessing of God. But, you must be careful to manage your behaviour. You can’t control to fall in love with a person. But, don’t let those feelings control you to do anything for your loved one (sometimes the request doesn’t make sense, right?). I acknowledge that my old self is blind to love, so I want to give anything for my loved one. It’s really bad. You should keep choosing and love yourself first, before anyone else.

Hmm, I think that I have already written down all of the ‘toxic traits’ of my old self. I will update soon after I get feedback from others yaa!



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